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Recycling of Mercotac Connectors

Mercotac Inc. is dedicated to promoting a healthy global environment. Mercotac® connectors internally contain a small amount of liquid mercury, which is tightly sealed against leakage. However, due to environmental concerns, Mercotac connectors should not be disposed of in the trash or landfills. Mercotac Inc. encourages all end users to either dispose of Mercotac connectors through a qualified recycler or return them to Mercotac Inc. for recycling. Within the United States of America, Mercotac Inc. offers a no-charge recycling service. The used connectors that are returned to Mercotac Inc. are sent to a licensed mercury recycling facility where the liquid mercury is retrieved for future use through an environmentally safe distillation process.


Used Mercotac® connectors should be shipped to our Carlsbad, California, USA facility by UPS Ground shipping. Mercotac Inc. provides free shipping from within the 48 contiguous United States to return used Mercotac connectors for recycling. Please contact Mercotac Inc. for shipping instructions. The Mercotac connectors should be tightly sealed in a plastic bag and then packaged within a sturdy box. A completed Recycling Form (download here) must be included in the box with the shipment. Do not send Mercotac connectors for recycling through the U.S. Mail.

In countries outside of the U.S.A., please contact your respective Mercotac Inc. distributor for recycling information.

If you have any questions about recycling, please feel free to contact our office, or if outside of the U.S.A., please contact your Authorized Mercotac Distributor.


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