Superior brushless slip rings made in USA
Superior Brushless Slip Rings
Made in USA
Superior brushless slip rings made in USA
For a World in Motion
Superior brushless slip rings made in USA
Worry-free Rotation
Superior brushless slip rings made in USA
Designed to Last

Slip Rings

Replace your brush or precious metal slip rings with superior Brushless Slip Rings from Mercotac®. Our slip rings offer an extremely low-resistance electrical connection because the conduction path is a liquid metal which is molecularly bonded to the contacts. The Mercotac® connection is constant and unchanged for the life of the connection.

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“We typically use the 230 model Mercotac brushless slip ring for pretty much all of the rotational products we have in the field. Most of my experience with the old brush-style slip ring systems has involved tearing them out due to high maintenance requirements and replacing them with a Mercotac unit. There are Mercotac units here from before I started in 2001 that are still operational and performing well. In my experience, they have an excellent field life and a very low failure rate.”

-Kodi Keppers
Production Manager Hali-Brite, Inc
Industry: Airfield Equipment

“Compared to older brush-style slip rings, Mercotac brushless slip rings are more compact, which has allowed me to design a smaller version of my product that caters to the needs of my customers in the electric wireline industry. However, the standout benefit of Mercotacs is that their signal transfer is very clean and consistent, which is essential with today’s advanced downhole components. Furthermore, the use of high-quality bearings in the Mercotac assembly contributes to the smooth operation of the unit and a significantly extended lifespan.”

-Jody Adams
Adams Electronics LLC
Industry: Wireline Services

“Having used brush-style slip rings in the past, it is clear that brushless slip rings from Mercotac are the best option. The 215-2KSS model which we have been purchasing for the last couple years performs flawlessly for us. We have had not one complaint in the field and are extremely happy with its performance and longevity. We will continue ordering these from Mercotac for our slip ring needs.”

-Brent Mcmanaway
Chief Executive Officer Axis Service, LLC
Industry: Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas Service

What Sets Our Slip Rings Apart?

Mercotac® brushless slip rings use a unique design principle unlike the sliding, brush contact of a slip ring. The connection is made through a pool of liquid metal molecularly bonded to the contact, which provides a low-resistance, stable connection. During rotation the fluid maintains the electrical connection between the contacts without any wear.

  • Unlike most slip rings, Mercotac® products produce near zero electrical noise due to their unique design.

  • Resistance through the rotating contact is less than one milliohm, which is much lower than the resistance of a standard slip ring.

  • Mercotac® products do not degrade the signal over time, which does happen with most standard slip rings.

  • Mercotac® products are maintenance free.

  • Mercotac® products are more compact and cost far less than slip rings of equal capacity.

  • Both current power and instrumentation signals can be sent through a single, compact Mercotac® brushless slip ring.

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