Vehicle-mounted Rotating Camera

Vehicle-mounted Rotating Camera

Many modern mapping and navigation companies are employing the use of vehicles to create street view images. These vehicles have continuously rotating cameras to capture images from all angles. A Mercotac® unit works perfectly for image capture due to its low signal/noise ratio.

Relevant Mercotac product features include:

  • Continuous Rotation
  • Maintenance-Free with a Long Lifetime
  • Low Electrical Resistance
  • Compact Power and Data Handling

Mercotac brushless slip rings are instrumental in vehicle rotating camera systems, enabling seamless electrical connectivity for reliable power supply and signal transmission. Vehicle rotating cameras are frequently used in industries such as transportation, security, and surveillance, providing enhanced visibility and situational awareness.

In rotating camera systems, the challenge lies in maintaining uninterrupted electrical connections as the camera rotates continuously. This is where Mercotac slip rings excel. By integrating these slip rings into the system, the power supply and control signals necessary for the rotating camera can be efficiently transmitted between the stationary and rotating components.

Mercotac slip rings are an improved replacement for traditional brush-based systems that are prone to wear, electrical noise, and require frequent maintenance. The brushless design of Mercotac slip rings ensures a low-friction, low-resistance interface, resulting in minimal electrical noise and power loss. This guarantees consistent performance and prolonged operational life for the rotating camera system.

Vehicle-mounted Rotating Camera

Additionally, Mercotac slip rings have excellent low torque rotational stability, allowing the rotating camera to operate smoothly and without interruptions. These brushless slip rings are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring reliable electrical connectivity even in demanding vehicle applications.

The compact size and easy integration of Mercotac slip rings make them well suited for vehicle rotating camera setups. Due to their small compact space requirements, they can be seamlessly incorporated into the rotating mechanism.

In summary, Mercotac brushless slip rings, are a valuable component in vehicle rotating camera systems. By providing reliable electrical connectivity, minimizing electrical noise and power loss, and providing long life with no maintenance, Mercotac brushless slip rings contribute to the smooth operation and longevity of rotating cameras, and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the camera system.

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