Mercotac® Video Demonstrations

Mercotac® brushless slip rings are a more reliable, durable, and superior alternative to traditional slip rings. They are brushless, don't require maintenance, and eliminate the electrical noise generated by standard brush type slip rings. In addition, they have lower electrical resistance, longer life, and can transfer more power. In other words, Mercotac brushless slip rings are a better way to connect between a rotating and stationary device. Below you will find some video demonstrations of Mercotac products.

An oscilloscope compares the signal noise of a Mercotac unit with a traditional brush-type slip ring. Brush-type slip rings introduce electrical noise into the transmitted signal due to the variation in resistance when rotated which tends to get worse with brush wear. As one can see here, compared to typical slip rings, the Mercotac Brushless Slip Rings generate essentially zero electrical noise. The same slip ring can be used for both power and signal transmission.

The model train is powered through the small Mercotac Model 205 coaxial unit which makes a rotating swivel connection in the center of the table. This demonstration illustrates how a Mercotac product can be used for various applications, such as for turntables, wind turbines, cable reels, and more.

This demonstration models a typical heated roller application for packaging, printing, and laminating equipment. Power is transmitted through the Mercotac brushless slip ring to the light inside the rotating roller which simulates a heating element. Simultaneously the thermocouple temperature signal used to sense the temperature of the simulated heater inside the roller passes out through the Mercotac to the temperature readout. The thermocouple would normally be used for temperature feedback to the heater control for regulating the roller temperature.

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