Slip Rings for Semiconductor Equipment

Slip Rings for Semiconductor Machinery & Manufacturing Equipment

In the realm of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Mercotac® Brushless Slip Rings have solidified their position as the leading choice. Their exceptional benefits cater specifically to this industry and include:

  • Constant or Partial Rotation
  • A Maintenance-Free Extended Life
  • Low Electrical Noise and Resistance
  • Compact Size
  • Power and Data Capability

These advantages make them an essential component in semiconductor equipment, ensuring reliable performance and precision during the manufacturing process.

Slip Rings for Semiconductor Machinery & Manufacturing Equipment

By using brushless slip rings, semiconductor manufacturing equipment can maintain electrical conductivity to a rotating element. This allows for efficient and reliable transmission of electrical signals, power or data.

Many common uses in semiconductor manufacturing include:

  • Wafer Handling – Lapping, grinding, turntables
  • Robotic Arms
  • Vacuum coating systems
  • Electrical test equipment
  • Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
  • Physical vapor deposition (PVD)
  • Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP)
Slip Rings for Semiconductor Machinery & Manufacturing Equipment

Using brush slip rings in semiconductor manufacturing can bring several problems such as high electrical noise, low-speed capability, higher electrical resistance, and short life. Brush type slip rings can generate dust and debris during operation, which can be problematic in certain environments, such as in cleanrooms.

Mercotac brushless slip rings have low resistance, providing a more consistent and reliable long-life connection. Brushless slip rings can operate at higher speeds, eliminate the issue of brush wear, and provide a smooth, low friction operation, free of dust and debris.

As computer control of machinery increases, so does the need for slip rings with high-speed data capability and very low bit error rates for use with Fast or Gigabit Ethernet. Mercotac has developed solutions to meet that need.

Mercotac brushless slip rings are a good choice for semiconductor machinery because of their many advantages.

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