Slip Rings for Medical Research

Slip Rings for Psychiatry, Psychology, & Medical Research

Mercotac® Brushless Slip Rings have established themselves as the top choice in diverse industries, including psychiatry, psychology, and medical research.

Their advantages include reduced wire breakage risk, unlimited 360 degree rotation, long-lasting performance without maintenance, low resistance, and the capability to handle power and data signals through a compact brushless slip ring design.

Mercotac Brushless Slip Rings have been used for decades in psychiatry, psychology, and medical research. One use of our slip rings involves utilizing research rats. Some examples of research that has been done includes: cognitive function, behavioral effects, stimulation reward, regional heterogeneity, electrical stimulation, and medical drug R&D. To facilitate this type of research, electrodes are attached to or implanted into the rats’ head and then wires are used to send signals back for monitoring. To prevent twisting, the wires are plugged into the rats’ electrodes and routed through a Mercotac Rotating Brushless Slip Ring suspended above a testing area. Types of wires used include: microphone cable, spring-coated cable, spring-protected cable, and multi-channel wire. Some research papers refer to our brushless slip ring as “Mercotac™ swivels” or “Mercotac™ Commutators” and note that they are well suited for these applications because they provide uninhibited motion for the rats. Mercotac™ slip rings also allow for sufficient amperage in applying quiescent current, infusion current between electrodes, and sine-wave stimulation. An example methodology is to use a constant current generator delivering between a few micro-Amps to a couple of hundred milli-Amps. Since just two lead wires are often needed, a two conductor Mercotac™ Model 205 is frequently used for this application. Many other Mercotac™ Models could be used depending on the number of channels needed. For example, a Mercotac™ Model 630 could be used for an application involving multi-channel brain-stimulation that needs up to 6 signals.

Slip Rings for Psychiatry, Psychology, & Medical Research

Related Articles & References:
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