Six+ Conductor Brushless Slip Rings

Mercotac® offers multiple conductor slip rings designed for applications that require six or more electrical connections, such as semiconductor equipment, rotary tables, wind turbines, and robotics. These slip rings provide reliable and long-lasting connections with low resistance and constant connection thanks to the use of liquid metal for electrical conduction. Whether you need a standard or custom solution, Mercotac has the expertise and experience to meet your needs. The conduction path inside Mercotac slip rings ensures a constant and unchanged connection throughout the life of the slip ring. Unlike brush-type slip rings, which cause wear, high electrical resistance, oxidation, and resistance fluctuations that lead to electrical noise, utilizing Mercotac Brushless Slip Rings will provide you with reliable and long-lasting connections.

Model 630
2@4 Amps, 4@30 Amps

Mercotac Model 630

Model 830
2@4 Amps, 6@30 Amps

Versatac™ 8 Channel*
20 Amp, 500V

Versatac 8 Chanel Model

*Other channel configurations include 2 – 22 Channels

Guidance for using Mercotac® Brushless Slip Rings in engineering designs.

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