Three Conductor Brushless Slip Rings

Mercotac® provides reliable slip rings for three-wire applications in robotics, cable reels, and various equipment. The model 330 and 335 are suitable for higher current applications, while the models 305 and 331 offer a cost-effective solution for lower current electronic uses. Mercotac® Brushless Slip Rings employ a superior liquid metal conduction path, providing a constant, low-resistance connection throughout the slip ring's life. In contrast, brush-type slip rings are prone to wear, high resistance, and electrical noise. By designing systems to use Mercotac Brushless Slip Rings, you can ensure reliable, long-lasting connections free from these issues.

Model 305
4 Amp

Mercotac Model 305

Model 331
2@4 Amps, 1@30 Amps

Mercotac Model 331

Model 330
30 Amp, 250V

Mercotac Model 330

Model 335
30 Amp, 500V

Mercotac Model 335

Guidance for using Mercotac® Brushless Slip Rings in engineering designs.

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